Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It classy Paris

It had to start here...the idea of a blog has always appealed..time has always been an issue though. Sitting in a cafe overlooking the champ élysées, the easy access to everything that an IPad offers provided the spark, the rest fell in place.

There's something just so poignant about this being in Paris, the city of revolutionaries, the quintessential rebels in the text books of history. Isn't that what I have been so far? trying to challenge authority, buck the trend,try something simply...different? It helps, no doubt to work somewhere whe you have fabulous colleagues, nay, friends who you know has your back while you try to take on anybody and everybody...but the naysayers, the ones who want to spend their time saying "why it won't work" is not insignificant either and fighting them off seems like a full time job as well.

Maybe this will only be my personal musings, perhaps just talking to myself, but even that could be perhaps...therapeutic...for the "indestructible", "ever ready" person also sometimes needs some let's see how this goes. Blogs will aim to dip into the past, talk about the present and hopefully showcase something for the future.The challenges seem never to engage pTients, how to improve public health, how to improve training , how to work with our primary care colleagues....but beyond it all, theresan indefatigable spirit which says...this can be done!

The likelihood of doing that by working with the system is unlikely, thus the need to be "outside the box", be "innovative"...which will bring the system to frown upon oneself. But then again, as one of my idols in life said..." we are the change we are waiting for"....

Upwards and onwards..and till my next blog.