Sunday, March 4, 2012

Comic book heroes...and life in the NHS

While growing up, comic books were an ever present companion and one of the characters which always attracted me was Batman. I was never a Superman fan..too much of a boyscout for me. Batman was the "man" and nope, it wasn't his flashy lifestyle- but more his anti-hero persona, the nonchalance to step into the dark side in a quest to deliver "justice". Something was inherently sexy about the general public labelling him a vigilante, but all the goons knowing he was to be feared and respected...the Dark Knight.

One may wonder how that is relevant to the NHS...and strangely it is. Comic books were always a more public-friendly way of depicting tortured personalities and as one engages more and more in NHS Management, one sees different personalities day in and day out. If one takes a step back, I went to medical school, not because my parents said it was that or nothing. but because I simply wanted Corny? Maybe. The Truth? 100%. As time progressed, one learnt that maybe the Superman way wouldn't always work, at least not for me. Being indignant about lack of patient quality care unfortunately doesn't always work or cut ice with some of the powers that be, thus the need to use all skills in one's armoury to one and one end only- help patient care. More of that later in future blogs...and some interesting stories to to why Batman has always been better than Superman, as regards the NHS!

Rebels have always been my idols, folks who dared to buck the trend, dared to stand up against the establishment...Steve Jobs, Mohammed Ali, Barack who have shaped the world, men who have fought against adversities..and have come up trumps. Ever since I have been a trainee in my profession, I have heard nothing but negativity from the so-called great and the good. Its all doom and gloom, its all about how patient care is suffering, all about how about we are being undermined...very little about what one is planning to do about it...and one questions...why?? Some of such national meetings with "experts" are like having a cup of tea with a Dementor (from JK Rowling's collection) the time you finish your cuppa, you have lost your entire joy and inspiration in life. know what? Enough of that. Enough of "organisations" telling us what to do, enough of "experts" telling us what is right...locally, we are doing what we think is best, trying to forge something new, trying to build a new future, trying to step away from the turf-wars of primary and specialist care..and for sure will share with all concerned...not professing this to be the best, but even if there is something others can take tips from...and that helps improve patient care...fabulous.

We shall see where this takes us...and there is no one, absolutely no organisations who can stop a driven individual...and come hell or high water, I will certainly give it one heck of a good shot to try and improve diabetes care. I have very little time for organisations who are more interested in politics or their CEA points or even their own "standing"...and neither do I care much for "personal feelings".

The only folks I care about are the patients and their well-being...and if you are going to be in the way of that... then either move aside or get ready to take me on...ready or not, here I come.
The first 3 years have been a warm-up for some where is my cowl again?

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