Thursday, July 5, 2012


Another day, another award for the Portsmouth Diabetes Team. But this was different..all of the awards won so far have filled me with pride but this was different. You know that moment when a long standing project gets recognition? When something which you have sweated blood over gets reward...yep, this was one of those moments. Super Six...that's what I had named the project...and oh boy, wasn't there enough doubters? "What kind of name is that??" ;" This is just self promotion"; "Partha thinks of only himself"...and beyond all the nonchalance, it hurt. Have tried not to care for what others think of me, but it hurt. And it hurt because folks thought this wasn't about patient care. I maybe brash, I maybe cocky but I have never ever compromised on patient care, so a vindication always helps!

So it has come to pass. Winner of Care Integration Awards 2012. Beating out a slew of similar minded folks, peers I respect, peers I find as like minded souls...this was recognition amongst the best of the best and yes, very very happy. Happy that we have some forward thinking GP commissioners who were willing to listen.Happy for those nurses who have finally gained recognition for their work in the community. Jane Egerton and Debbie Fishwick, recently joined by Julia Mackay..take a bow ladies..this is down to you. Any proof needed how valuable specialists nurses are to diabetes care..well here you go. A fabulous achievement and do bask in every moment of pleasure this award brings. To those who says GPs with special interests are a waste of space, do come and meet Tim Goulder. Always someone with vision, maybe perhaps hampered by the politics but certainly someone who wanted to make diabetes care better...and that I do respect. Glad to see him the at the award ceremony holding the trophy...the community diabetes project was his baby way back in 2006 and however unassuming one is ( which Tim is) this must have been an extremely proud moment too.

And then there's my colleagues...seniors who placed faith in the vision, believed in the model, believed their young CD would deliver and for that I am grateful. I have always said that the strength lies in our team and the camaraderie we a token thank you folks. We will continue to pull each others legs at work, do silly stuff like steal Iain Cranston's jelly babies and replace them with a kidnap note( don't ask)...but deep within, a strong mutual respect and trust runs...and it makes us what we are.

Finally...what about me? Personally if you must know my style of leadership, then go and check how Jose Mourinho unconventional style of leadership. Exude cockiness, confidence, say outrageous things like "I am the special one"...and before you know..2 things happen. One, all attention, managers, Commissioners, Chief of Medicine, Trust's focussed on you. You shield the whole team from anything and everything external and it frees up your team to do what they do best..provide high quality patient care. And two, your team respects that and stands behind you. Result? You create a winning mentality and a strong tight knit team. And that's my the process if along the way, you become unpopular and gain grudging admiration, so be it. Perfectly comfortable with being the Dark Knight :-)

And we still have plenty to do..but if my first 3 and a half years are any indication, and going by the calibre of the folks around me, they will be resolved too. So to my friends, anytime anywhere you want us to share what we are doing...just ask.

To the critics who like sniping from the underground? Want to challenge what we are doing? Go get the chutzpah to take us on. Don't like it? No sweat. Do something else where you are.
Just remember this. In these days when the talk is of integrated care, the defending champion of Care Integration Awards is...Yep, you guessed it right. Give us time, we WILL make this the best centre of diabetes care. Champs don't believe in coming second....the battle goes on, and on behalf of the patients, we win.

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