Friday, October 31, 2014

From the heart..Thank You

Pride is good, isn't it? When you get something right, you have to be proud, isn't it? Today when I see our local model of care being recognised either by Diabetes UK or the Kings Fund, I don't make any bones about how proud it makes me. No one- and I repeat- no one has seen the long evenings, the extended negotiations, the charm offensive, the time with the family sacrificed to do only with one thing in mind...the model of care needs to change..patients deserve better, much better.
Yes, the NHS is cash strapped, yes, we belong in silos, yes, we all like to believe we are doing a fantastic job and yes, we baulk at the thought that the NHS may not be delivering great care sometimes...but there are many and many folks out there crying out for better care. And I have my own inimitable style..tried to change years of working, years of obstinence, lack of mutual respect between primary and specialst care..and 4 years later? Excuse me for taking a moment to look back..and say " We got there...ladies and gentlemen, we got there".

This blog isn't about explaining the model - there are now enough literature on it- it works on 2 simple principles...Firstly, diabetes care sits in primary care- so support them, help them- on THEIR terms, not ours. Secondly, the changing role of a specialist...moving away from just being a specialist to being also a support, a friend in need, a helping hand and an a realisation that for primary care diabetes is only a fraction of what they support, help...don't criticise, there when needed. Honestly,its not that complicated- never was. No this blog today is about taking off the veneer of arrogance and saying thank you...saying ladies and gentlemen..without you, it simply wouldn't have happened. I have been the public face of it, the spokesperson, the person to showcase it..little else..the credit for this belongs to many others.

Firstly my amazing colleagues..for years my Consultants...then folks who believed in my vision, never unhappy with me taking the spotlight, allowing me to show boat, drive the changes and keeping implicit faith. Darryl, Mike and Iain..its has and is been nothing but a colleagues, my mates, folks I intrinsically trust with anything...gentlemen..thank you.
Then what about our nurses? What can I say...I can't repeat myself enough..they ARE the lynchpins of what we do...amazing women who do a job I can only stand back and admire...ladies, a group hug from all have been just simply who have shown it can be done.
I must acknowledge my primary care colleagues who have received us with open arms- across 83 GP surgeries. everyday has been a learning experience..simply being stunned by the workload...and silently making a note the care being provided. Thank you has and is fun...great to work with you indeed  :-)

At this point, I must say I tire of the managerial bashing I continuously hear. Let me make this crystal clear..without some good managers to work with me, none of this would have happened. Firstly Melissa Way, then Sarah Malcolm..if you want to ever know why we need managers, go and see what they have done for us. Local CCG leads have been great...people always ask how we have done what we have..well..without such forward thinking ones like Jim Hogan, Andy Douglas, Paul Howden et al, would have stayed confined to a powerpoint presentation - for sure

Finally, our patients...I have observed, learnt, taken feedback, accepted the challenges thrown and been my driver to implement what we have done. We haven't solved everything but are always open to being challenged, always open to change and improving things further. The above may indeed read like an Oscar acceptance speech but I don't know of any other forum to thank you so many who have made all this come true.

Ladies and gentlemen, genuinely, from the heart...for once taking off the aura of arrogance, letting the ego rest for a bit...just wanted to say thank you to all. I wouldn't have even dreamt of getting where we are when I started my job in 2008..and wouldn't have without you all. Partha thank you. From the heart. xx

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