Sunday, May 10, 2015

Heal & grace

So it's done. The elections are over- and last week, I had asked for all of our leaders, in the main, the clinical ones to be honest. However what I have seen since the elections results maybe needs one more important bit- the need to heal. For many, at least on social media, the results haven't been as expected- the clashes with those who disagree, or those who have made suggestions for future have been angry, sarcastic, sometimes even vitriolic. The winners have been sometimes a bit gloatful, the losers bruised and unhappy- perhaps some even consigned to the NHS fate.

It needs some space to heal- all professionals need space to heal or a place to be graceful. Over the last 5 years, for reasons which suited many, rightly or wrongly, many have tended to put the reason for the slide of the NHS on the Health care and Social Act. Too many times, it, perhaps has been a convenient and sometimes valid reason to blame for poor patient care. The many neutrals will know the reason are manyfold- issues which we have closed our eyes to, issues we have shied away from, issues which have been in play for years, not just the last few. But now that we know where things stand over next 5 years, its perhaps time to take a step back and see what we can do for patient care. There are many who have succeeded over the last 5 years as well- and there have always been many who have failed even in times of plenty...that goes back to the leadership issues which Umesh Prabhu and Vijayanath refer to- are we honest enough, are we strong enough, can we work and deliver patient care whatever challenges be?

No one is shying away from the money issue and neither was there going to be magic money appearing if your chosen party is not in power. Through my blog, I would like to appeal to many to absolutely keep the faith in the ideology you believe in but please take time to heal, take time to see what needs to change- and above all, go to work in the NHS tomorrow and see what can be done to improve things.

The election results have suited some, it hasn't suited some- thats how democracy has worked forever.  If you believe the NHS is in strife, think why that message never got across to the population. If you believe the NHS is in safe hands, great- then you have what you wanted- now show your patients what great healthcare can be like. For patients, what they need is access and expertise- till that is compromised, it probably is less of an issue- and it is up to oust see whether we can provide this or raise our collective voices to say when it's not.

So- to work tomorrow- us as HCPs either gloating or being angry helps no one- least of all our patients. If your chosen party won, be graceful enough- and work with those who are trying to heal- don't forget their passion to improve care is no less than yours. if you are hurt, then be broad enough to engage with those who may not agree with you but still, would like to improve care. Whatever be the case, don't sit back hoping it all falls down so that you can say "Told you so". That point is where you can't change it anymore either.

My appeal to all those on different sides of the divide (and the country is a divided one)- if you work in the NHS, take your time to heal, enjoy with grace- and once the process is over, join hands to give it your best shot. The numbers are stark- whether it be a 22 billion efficiency savings, 7 day working or increased GP access- remember- pretty much all parties were aligned on it- those challenges would have stayed irrespective of who won.

Give it a try, ladies and gentlemen- otherwise if it doesn't go to plan, do answer to the next generation  whether you tried or just spent time on social media tweeting your joy or angst.

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