Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Beautiful Boston

Must admit to having fallen in love with the beautiful city of Boston...something special about this place indeed- and coming here for the American Diabetes annual conference has been simply a joy.
In my opinion, perhaps one of the best meetings I have attended in recent times..though perhaps that was also the reflection of the personal calmness in life I find myself in- as well as the superb company I shared over the last few days.

Learnt quite a fair bit..honing into areas of interest..only one query..what could I possibly take away back to where I work? What practices could I adapt? What new information was there that I needed to learn about, change my own work accordingly? And on all those fronts, I go back armed with much. Whether it be evidence of safety of new drugs, whether it be learning about use of adjunct therapies in type 1 diabetes, picking tips regards social media and patient engagement...the mission surely has been accomplished! Posters gave some good ideas, reinforced some views but a strong message was about patient engagement. The barriers are coming down, albeit slowly..but it is.

Beyond the science, it was some amazing company of friends I spent time with...specialist colleagues, Gp colleagues, nurse colleagues, pharmacists...all bonded for a few days. As ever, some of the old reluctant guard were there but every year, I see their numbers dwindle and more engaged, passionate people who think beyond silos..and I have hope that a collective mass is forming who will lead and improve diabetes care in the NHS. Times are certainly changing. Changing for the good.

Was also a highlight meeting folks who you know on Twitter..a brief conversation with "grumpy pumper" was fun, meeting Kelly Rawlings was simply a joy, listening to Amy Tenderich passionately driving patient engagement and exhorting HCPs to join in..was all part of a fantastic experience. A lunch chat with Pratik Chaudhury as ever an enlightening one..the knowledge he possesses simply scary but listening was fun..the passion to improve care was palpable. Ribbing Stephen Lawrence about his multiple collection of suits, watching the Champions league final in an Irish pub with an amazing crew of Scotsmen, spending late night in a pub singing Irish songs....what can I say..I am proud and humbled to have such super friends.

Personally, have been at a bit of crossroads...its that what next stage..do you stick to diabetes and drive change or branch out and do other bits? This ADA probably helped to make my mind up. So a thank you to Phil, Marc, Gerry, David, Chris, Stephen, Pratik, Wasim, Vinod and many others I haven't mentioned, a personal thank you too..without knowing, you helped a lot.

Finally, Lisa and Gary..thank you- you have been absolutely amazing. To the American Diabetes Association, much kudos for organising this event- it's been excellent. Boston...you are just wow...thank you for having me. Tomorrow I shall be back in the UK...recharged and armed with much info and knowledge and a much clearer direction of travel. It's simply been a blast. 


  1. Sound like it was a great experience. What part/talk at the conference inspired you the most? Is there anything you can think of that would help you in the work your doing?

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