Sunday, August 23, 2015

I don't know

I don't know..I honestly don't know the answer to many a things- and those who are sure they do..are simply either putting on a  face of sheer bravado or..I don't know what they know or believe..but its either not grounded in reality of life and politics..or they are aware of something I am not privy to. I won't say today I have seen enough, won't bore you with all my "achievements" in life, all my exploits..the honest truth? I don't know.
Do you know what I am talking about? Its the NHS and the direction of travel. There is a lot of things I don't know or believe views are too polarised in- all of which stops and continues to obstruct any meaningful discussion

For starters, there is a question whether the NHS needs more money...again..I don't know for sure whats the answer is- I really don't. I look at diabetes care- and I don't even know how much money is where, who is spending it, how the counter productive tariffs are supposed to how can I honestly ask, hand on heart, the public to give more? I look at the lack of finances needed for say, structured education..I also see the sheer wastage that inappropriate treatment of the elderly brings, the vested interest to which many acute Trust works, the Best Practice Tariffs which disappears into bottom lines...and I don't know whether there is enough money. Or not. I don't know but I would someone independent to tell me.

I don't know whether privatisation is the all encompassing evil beast some say it is. Is it because I do private work in my own time? No, its because I also am aware of many a state arenas providing poor care. No- did you say? Maybe so- but again, I don't know - I want someone more clever to make that call..someone independent,someone across political lines- I really don't mind who I work for, where I work for- as long as it serves patients and provides high quality care- thats my position. Blasphemous- did you say- maybe so in the tight chambers of twitter- not so much in the entire world maybe. Again, I maybe wrong, but I don't know- I honestly don't know.

Many dislike the market, would like the return of monopoly. Is that the right thing? I don't know. We have organisations like the CQC because we couldn't do the job what we were supposed to do. Would a monopoly help that? I don't know- I don't have the experience- but I would like someone independent to tell me.
Finally, to the name that seems to make all professionals bristle. Hunt. Do I know whether he is out to destroy the NHS? No- do I think so? I don't know but playing the man, having an angst against one man is no solution when we need to debate the policy as a whole. The point, in my opinion, has been made about what was said regards weekend working- it was aimed at the BMA and misfired..but it is time for us to ask the above questions- and if the answer is only from polarised views, then its time to ask for someone independent. Don't forget many also see the same man as someone who has set a clear agenda for patient may have a view that it is a politicians smoke screen- me? I don't know

I am tired of polarised views- and that includes those against political views. There is a certain quality about being in the tent in my view. There are many who hate the Tories, hate the fact they are the ruling party- but whether you like it or not, thats who are in the government- for another 4 years- if not longer. If we care for the NHS, then it makes sense to have that dialogue with those that are in the seats of power- a desire to improve /save the NHS should over ride all else. perhaps for some, thats too far a bridge but thats the scenario we have now- but I am more willing to try.  I apologise to all who may find my views offensive, wrong, out of order...but I have spent much time doing many things- and I must put my hand up..I don't know anymore. And I want someone independent to tell me.

Finally, I am a Consultant, reasonably entrepreneurial, street-smart and whether the NHS survives or not, there will always be a way for me. I do however believe in health being a fundamental right of any human beings- and so I would like fight..but engage with those who want to discuss it. I don't want to fight- I want to help..I want to try- and to those who want to, I extend my hand. If you want to take the offered hand, then join in.
You know what I am talking  about- its the group I am a part of and very proud of. It has a gathering of a group of individuals with different views and beliefs (and not all of the above views are shared by all either)- but all with a willingness to engage. We will stutter, we will stumble,we are not politically savvy...but we will acknowledge a mistake when we make it. And we will try. Any successful team always brought together a group of individuals with different beliefs...but the key lay in the ultimate goal...the ethos of NHS Survival is no different

In my life, I have never waited for anyone- forged my own way- so if you want to help, then can be of any political leaning, any belief- but if you think an independent opinion is the way  ahead, then do so. If you feel it isn't your forum, I wish you all the best in whatever forum you try and develop the NHS further.

Will it work? I don't know. But it most certainly is worth a try..and if not anything else, would have made some good friends for life. To those who are my friends, those who know me, know about what I stand if you can..if you believe in me. If you can't, thank you for considering.


  1. Why so coy about NHS Survival and its proposed Royal Commission? That is what you're talking about, no?

  2. Not in the slightest- very openly part of NHS Survival- blogs supposed to get people to think- if not Royal Commission, what- thats what this is about

  3. Thanks for sharing these thoughts - in my experience from within the NHS, there's a lot of nail-chewing inside the NHS at the moment and, as you suggest, in my experience too, thoughts rapidly move from concern over your job, your team, your Trust and come to a rapid halt at wondering what will happen to patients who are already falling into the cracks opening up in the social and healthcare systems in this country. If can help consolidate a message to take to the discussion table with the great and the good, then great. To do that with a strong public and professional mandate will be essential for its voice to be heard. As the father of a little PWD I know how crucial the future shape of the NHS will be to her future, to her ability to manage her T1D.

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