Friday, November 20, 2015

A poor joke

Utter tripe. Absolutely utter rubbish. Honestly, I don't do blogs when angry but it gets to a point when sometimes you just must. My thinly veiled casual contempt for PowerPoint warriors is well known..and in my last blog, I have constantly alluded to it. If you haven't achieved anything then please, do peddle your wares somewhere else...I have little time for a car salesman.

Add to that list the brigade of those who profess to understand and believe in the ethos of diversity. NHS Improvement announced its Head Honcho...followed by CQC. Then you need to have a look at NHS England, Health Education England, GMC...and you must wonder which exact century does this county exist in? A rudimentary joke of being white and male to get to to the top echelons of power is no longer one...but serious business. It is as if all the powers have decided to stick two fingers up at all the reports, all the chest thumping, fact finding about lack of diversity..and say "So what?" 

I was discussing this with someone who casually mentioned..."But hey, look how well you have done?" A learned, educated, well versed in modern political correctness lets go of some inner thoughts. Well, genius, let me tell you whose help I needed to get to where I own. Faced comments about "we don't employ your type in the South" from "respected" Consultants and I have gritted my teeth..determined to show to all that it didn't matter..I would work doubly hard..I would earn my corn. My disdain towards many in authority comes from many hard years as a junior doctor facing casual discrimination, turned down from jobs...and one always hoped that someday it would change..someday it would get better.

I sit here in 2015 and I don't know what bothers me most. The 2 fingers from the top tiers towards the workforce or the searing hypocrisy about having to do equality and diversity courses as part of my essential training. Read the report of Michael West...nothing has changed in 20 years...but hey the outcome is "we must try harder". I have no doubt Stevens, Keogh, Mackay et al are amazing guys who will do a fabulous job but are you telling me the whole country had absolutely no one who was a woman or of a different cultural background who had the same quality? No one at all?

I am a big supporter of a campaign called "HeForShe" and in my household, there is not an iota of difference between my son and daughter. It's because I have seen and continue to see - at interview panels, at casual chats..the throwaway comments about women and their "penchant for getting pregnant"; how "bad it would be for the continuity of the department" and it absolutely makes me boil with anger and disappointment...indeed is this the world to which my daughter will walk into? What kind of archaic bilge is that?

So to all managers, politicians, doctors, leaders or whatever title you equality and diversity if you genuinely believe in it. Please don't tick a box and feel your soul has been saved. At least let's bring some honesty and say that if you are of a certain type, we would like you to do so far..but please don't try any further. Otherwise as recent appointments have shown, it's just a joke...and a pretty poor one at that too.

Have a good weekend, won't you?    

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