Thursday, May 19, 2016

Time out

Thought would use this blog aimed at all the junior doctors- with a simple message. Take a Time out.
Social media has been a curious cocktail since the "Deal" was announced- and conjectures, theories,mischief has flown around in equal measure- with to be honest, most folks having no idea what actually consist of the detail.
So to all junior doctors, take a time out. Shut yourselves from all external opinions and wait for the actual details to come out. As a senior clinician in the NHS and some experience of the system, would ask for calm, time and patience.
This isn't about the BMA or the DH- this is purely about YOUR future- and it is up to you to take the time and understand the details when it comes out. History- and indeed science is littered with examples where the abstract of a paper hides many a fact of the actual paper- and what you have isn't even an abstract but a press release.

I am not a member of the BMA- but for a moment, pause and appreciate the effort put in by Johann. Throughout all this, his composure has been much to admire, he has been resolute- and then he has also gone back to the table. Whether he has achieved what you want- well, let time and the details inform your choice.

Mischief abounds on social media- the desire to rile junior doctors is there- if you counted the number of folks with chips on their shoulders, you could open a local chippie. You, as junior doctors, are clinicians, scientists- apply that to the details and see whether the new deal helps to achieve your perspective- whether that be patient safety, equality or indeed quality of life.

For me personally, the contract was about hours worked, safeguards and indeed equality for all- not a 2 tier system based on whether you took a break due to pregnancy- and if these are looked at, I am happy. I don't know whether I am yet- because I await the details.
Think about the initial contract, see where you have got to- and then decide whether the negotiation team has achieved what you wanted. Not everyone will be happy- but it is about the majority view.

This is not about "winning"- this is about working in a safe environment for both yourselves and the patients- so wait for the details and see whether this achieves it or not. Of course, politicians will spin what they want to- but thats their job. We all know what a 7 day service needs- it certainly isn't a junior doctor contract change.
To achieve a turn around from a government and get back to table- from a bunch of junior doctors, who -lets face it- most folks didn't give 2 hoots- is nothing short of remarkable. Forget the ones trying to rile you- a generation of NHS staff and many many patients are very grateful not only for the resilience shown but the ability to go back and negotiate.

So- to all of you folks- without whom our health system would stop functioning- and to whom I am always grateful for the help you provide, its Friday. Stay off the Facebook forums, the angsty twitter chats…..take a time out. Enjoy your weekend- wait for the details- then get a nice drink, sit down with it- and make your decision- as an adult, as a clinician, as someone who is reading a paper, not a press release.

You have all earned our respect. Enjoy that…bask in that for the moment- and then make the decision that feels right to you- not influenced by anger or being riled by someone.

Best of luck x

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