Saturday, June 4, 2016

Impossible is..nothing

Inspiring. Funny. Charismatic. Cocky. Winner. That's everything Ali was. And amongst his many legendary quotes- the one above has always stuck with me. Has always been a burning drive for me- the word impossible has always seen as a challenge- and thereby the approach to all things with confidence. Has always helped to have an amazing team around who have been supportive all along the way but I have a burning desire to improve Type 1 diabetes care- and the quote from Ali has been nothing but a source of inspiration.

I have ideas- many of them to improve Type 1 care. Some of them pretty random, some of them perhaps ambitious, some of them maybe even basics- but I do want to try doing them. A few months back, the idea of having TED style talks by folks with Type 1 diabetes seemed like a crazy idea- but here we are- a website (  up and running with all the talks available- and hopefully more to follow. One of the most inspirational events I have attended- I want to hear more from such folks, help spread the message to HCPs what life is about living with Type 1 diabetes.

So here are the extent of my ideas- I want a type 1 diabetes pathway template for the whole of England- a pathway that takes into account patient needs, trained people delivering it as well as being cognisant of the fact that this is the 21st century where email is NOT an innovation.
I want a digital platform for folks with Type 1 diabetes- a one stop place where anyone diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes can go and find all information they need- not have to sit and search on the internet for support. I want to have a comic book showing life with Type 1 diabetes ; I want to explore areas that are providing good care- interrogate success as the saying goes….many other ideas I have in my mind…so much to do.

I want to visit each diabetes team, talk to them, find out the challenges, talk to their MD and CEO as to what support they are giving their teams to improve care for folks with diabetes- I want to see what can be done to help diabetes teams all across the country- are their executive teams aware- do they value diabetes care? Do they value safety? I want inpatient diabetes care to be a fundamental part of hospital inspections, are there self administration insulin protocols- if not, why not…so much to do. I want to have peer reviews- not scary CQC visits but peers reviewing each other- diabetes team from Sheffield paying a visit to Portsmouth- why not? If I can't take criticism from a friend, who can I take it from…so much to do.

To everyone out there- if you genuinely want to help improve Type 1 diabetes care- please- do come and help. All offers gratefully received- and to those who are already helping, you help keep my burning desire going- so thank you. I don't know how long I will do this role for- but as long as I am doing it, I will certainly give the dice a good whirl.

Ambitious? Yes. Impossible? No. The NHS has been much kind to me- and I will certainly try my best to see what i can give back in return. 
Impossible is not a fact…it is an opinion.
Impossible is potential. 
Impossible is temporary. 
As the great man said….

Impossible is…Nothing.

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  1. I'd like to see the NHS embrace open source T1 technology.