Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Hey You!

You there. First day as a doctor? Just sat through inductions of hand washing, fire safety etc? A slight feeling of the butterflies? Tell you what, have a quick read below...and see whether it helps!

So I am Partha, been a Consultant for about 8 years now. Work in a big DGH, got some management experience, love my clinical work, also educational supervisor to a fair few, College tutor a bit of experience under the belt. And you know what? First things first...WELCOME!!!

You will know about the uncertain times, the contract saga, the bitterness, the angst, the White rage....and yes, lots of it is true, lots of the angst is warranted. But beyond that, there's also the profession you chose. Ah I forgot to say I also teach medical students and I have yet to meet anyone who has chosen this because it "pays well". Let's be very honest...with the grades you folks got, you could have picked another profession which pays better..but you didn't. You came into this knowing the hard hours, the tough shifts...and today you are here.

So a few simple tips from someone who really enjoyed his days as a "junior" doctor ( not my favourite term to describe a qualified professional in my book!) ...
Relax and try to enjoy the job. There will be good days, there will be bad days....but overall it will be a time rich with experience and learning. Make friends, and yes, that absolutely involves everyone else...some of my best friendships have been with nurses, physios, pharmacists, OTs....apart from the fun, the team spirit helps to cut past many a tough day. Try won't regret it.
Then there are the nice, be kind, and always try to keep a smile going. Doesn't take much but in a scary hospital surrounding, it means a lot. I know it as have been on the other side of the fence. Especially at night- an extra hello makes a lot of difference.

Finally? It's not a Disney cartoon out there where everything ends well. Neither is it Mordor where Orcs rove the wards to make life hell. Everyone in their own way is trying..and yes, even those managers who are easy targets? Believe you me, they try and they work their socks off- driven by the same passion as you to improve a patients life. Just in a slightly different way. You will hear others say "In my days". My tip regards that? Meh. We had many perks you folks won't ever have.

So enjoy yourself, watch, learn, observe and welcome to the mystical world of medicine. Much is wrong with it in the NHS but much much is also right with it- above all, the people in it. Bursting with ideas, passion, is a wonderful experience which you will carry for the rest of your life.

Enjoy your time and however hard it is...keep that smile going. There is nothing better to confuse an approaching frown than an infectious smile.

Ladies and gentlemen? Best of luck x #medicineisbrilliant

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