Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Thank you Bracknell

I must say I have really enjoyed the varied directions my career has taken over the years. Tried my hand at a fair few things- some have worked, some haven't- but all, bar none, have been an amazing learning curve..learning about politics, the different rules/regulations, the twists & turns- as well as understanding the issues from different perspectives.

None of them have been fryitless- whether engaging with the CQC, being on the General Advisory Council of the Kings Fund...but it was with a particular interest, about 18 months ago, I had taken up the offer of becming the secondary care advisor to Bracknell & AAscott CCG. One primary reason was to understand why CCGs couldn't or wouldn't do X, Y or Z. Was it just filled with nefarious folks who wanted people to suffer, didnt understand what pressures the system was going through- or just folks doing a tough job with multiple constraints of finance & politics hampering them?

And you know what? Its been an absolute blast- perhaps I haven't been able to contribute as much as I would have liked- but its been such a rich, fantastic learning experience. A particualr thank you to Karen Maskell for asking me to join- and I must say its been worth it- the richness of experience gained completed the whole set of working for an acute provider, community provider as well as a CCG. I met some amazing people on the board- folks who were passionate, committed and tried darned hard to make a difference to the local people. I sat and observed the passion, the drive as well as the calming influence of few- all driven by a measure to improve things.
Whether it be Jackie, Sarah, Martin, Sally, Lynn,Nigel or indeed the amazingly baritoned William Tong...it has been nothing short of a learning experience and a privilege to know you all.

So- a thank you to all on the board- and finally its time for me to move on. Present commitments dont allow me to carry on- and its right someone else gets the opporuntiy to help the CCG - someone with more time than me. Its been a joy and I wish you all the best for the future- with no doubt that in you all, the local populace have good people at the helm. To the many who havent had the benefit of working in or with a CCG, try it- or at the least, try to get to know the folks doing the job. Views such as GPs on the board don't care or finance guys are all about the money...those myths will clear very sharpish. On the contrary, I suspect we must thank them for having the gumption to step up to the plate and try in very challenging times.

Thank you folks- its been a blast x

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