Friday, June 9, 2017

Limbo and Hope

How's that step into work feel for you today? Laced with a spring or laden with lead...or simply maybe a bit confused? It's tricky to try and interpret anything to do with politics today but we, as a nation, are now officially in limbo land. The country seems to have turned around and said we aren't giving you any winners....let's see whether you politicians can actually try and resolve it like adults- working together. As many know, I have always found Brexit odd especially in a world where isolationism is a relic of the past. Today, we are having a collective push from the nation which says...pause. And think please. You have to love democracy for that. There will be many permutations and combinations, many theories...but at the end, the politicians will have to show us the way. Show us the way to do something different - something a bit more measured.

The election campaigns have been frankly awful- whichever media you choose to see, whichever side of the debate you sit in and I suspect a vast majority of people, beyond the hard core folks have winced at the lies, half truths and blind belief in issues to suit the phenomenon of confirmation bias. And I am sure we will continue that again in the near future. But for now, it must be a time to pause and see what can be done together. All this talk of moral or Pyrrhic victory is only that...a bit like a hard fought draw. The bottom line is that democracy has said no extreme options as put forward by the main parties have been seen as acceptable enough to give them a majority- however one would like to paint that.
I like to look at things with a positive twist and this result is no different. Life never stops for anything but to wake up and contemplate the possibility of a second referendum on Europe, a softer Brexit and personally, a dismantling of the UKIP vote has been worth all the uncertainties of a hung parliament. 

What about the NHS? Perhaps not the best - as it could do with some sort of time for further planning. Could this be an opportunity to get the main parties to actually come up with something sensible together? Could we think of a different style of working? Or do we go to elections again for a clear winner? What happens if the public says "Sorry neither plans are good enough for us"?

The country as a whole has a big few issues in front of it- namely Brexit and from a personal point of view, of course, the NHS. I suspect the choice is ours whether we interpret the election results as one that's indecisive and needs repeating...or whether we take it as a mandate saying the electorate are fed up of the pettiness and would want our politicians to work together on such vital issues?

Who knows? For now, once the dust settles, limbo land is an odd place to be in. One way or another, we all need to know where we are heading and to me, it appears the voters have said to all our politicians..."Do it together" 
We all live in hope. In the interim, once purdah lifts, it's back to business on the diabetes front- and hopefully some good news to I said, we all live in hope. We must.

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