Sunday, February 4, 2018


This blog- for the first time, I will take this opportunity-to even the few who read my blog- to consider something-just as a favour.
Its for something which has made me think. Made me think of perspective. Made me think in the context of the job I do, the specialty I work in, the efforts I try to bring regards improving care- and more so, in the context of the blessed life I live.
Working in the NHS, a system which for all its flaws, purports to give folks what is needed irrespective of their social status, ability to buy etc; a system which has also given me a comfortable life, a good working condition, some fabulous colleagues and he golden opportunity in a national role- to make some difference, somewhere.

If you find a moment, do spare some time to have a look at "Spare A Rose". Much kudos to "Grumpy Pumper" aka Chris Aldred for drawing my attention to it- and in my role, the least I can do -apart from contribute- is to draw some attention towards it. We live in a country where insulin is "free", care is "free"… we debate, discuss, jostle, make snide remarks about the ability to get FreeStyle Libre,split hairs about evidence, post code lottery... we rail against the NHS for not providing all the latest technology…yet …well, have a look at the website- if you can.
In many countries, many children are not even able to access any insulin. Simply put, a life saving drug in Type 1 diabetes that many can't get.

A sobering thought- and perhaps also a time for perspective. A time for taking a moment and thanking our blessings that we -still- live in a country- where this rarely, if ever, enters our consideration. So if you can, have a look, take a moment- and see if you can contribute something.Beyond the bubbles of our world, there exists a vast one where healthcare isn't "free" for all- and if we can, even in a small way, the contribution would be most appreciated.

So- if you read my blogs, find my rants entertaining, then for this Valentines day, try and spare a rose. A simple gesture- but could help in perhaps saving a life-somewhere. I have donated- would be grateful if you could consider the same.

Thank you x