Saturday, February 9, 2019

Life For A Child

No rants, no show boating, no pontificating for this weeks blog- but a straight forward request to all those who find time to read this.

In our own lives and bubble, life is never easy- so many things which always make us think- "This can be better; my life can be better"...I suspect in the hum drum of life- as well as that oft used term called "privilege"- we sometimes forget about perspective too.
Insulin is one such thing. In Type 1 diabetes, there's no way around it- simple as that. You don't have it, you die. Thats as basic as it gets. No hyperbole, no political correctness- that's just physiology. And anyone who suggests things like cinnamon or low carbs or other such nonsense as a replacement is at par with the anti-vaxxers squarely responsible for the return of Measles to the modern world. Dangerous charlatans who d actually deserve a special place in hell.

In this context, we, in the UK, live- in comparison- a life of privilege. We debate about Freestyle Libre, we have angst about access to pumps- but never do we pause to even consider the lack of insulin. It's a given fact. If you have Type 1 diabetes? The NHS will provide. Free to the person concerned, funded by the tax payer- you will get the insulin needed to survive.

There are however parts of the world where this is not the case. If you find a moment, have a read of this- and perhaps a moment to reflect as to what we can all do.

I rarely ask for anything- I do live a life of privilege- and yes, my pay could be better, yes, my pension rules suck at the moment- but I would never be denied of insulin if me or one of my family had Type 1 diabetes. Even if the system couldn't provide it? I would go and buy it.
4£ would help provide insulin to a child for a month; 10£ would do that for 3 months. At the moment, this charity (Life for a child)- whose solo motto is "No child should die of diabetes"- (which in 2019 is something that should not be needed, but is happening)- is running a campaign called "Spare A Rose" to try and hook on to Valentines Day to draw more support. Give one rose less to your loved one- and instead give that money to help save a life.

I would be immensely grateful if YOU could find a moment to donate something, anything you can to this charity. For reference- here is the link:

If you admire me for the work I do and appreciate my passion to improve Type 1 diabetes care- and would like to say some sort of thank you? Please contribute.
If you dislike me for the marmite factor I bring to the table, find me unbearably cocky and self-aggrandising? Still do- as your dislike for me should not translate to not donating to a cause which we all should feel is a good one.

Finally, a huge appreciative hug to the British Medical Journal who have agreed to donate my fee for writing a monthly blog to this amazing charity.

In anticipation of your kind generosity, thank you all x

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